What is Assisted Living?

What Is Assisted Living?

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Trained, around-the-clock caregivers are the foundation of assisted living at our communities. But there’s so much more to enjoy here, including a lifestyle that enhances independence, offers more choice, and features more ways to connect with new friends. Assisted living begins with personalized support and ends with opportunities to live your best life.

Life in Assisted Living

Life in Assisted Living

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Living at home is not always easy. In fact, living at home can sometimes feel lonely and be unhealthy for your body and mind. Assisted living at our communities is meant to give you back the vibrant lifestyle you’ve enjoyed for years, enhancing your independence with the exact support you need. Our caregivers are there to offer a friendly reminder or helpful hand with personal care tasks, medication management, and anything else you might need so you can feel your best as you tackle your busy schedule for the day.

Take a Look into Assisted Living

Take a Look into Assisted Living

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Laundry service at Arbor
Housekeeper making a bed at Arbor home
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Wellness and Health

Wellness and Health

Friends having a great time after Yoga class at Arbor

Assisted living means services, resources, and support that are designed to help residents meet their personal health and wellness goals.

Arbor residents meeting at on-site bar

Life happens around the table at our assisted living communities. Meet up with neighbors to enjoy delectable entrees and good conversation.

Group fitness class next to Arbor pool

Amenities like on-site group fitness classes and personal training support ensure you can get moving daily, doing something you love.

Seniors sharing stories at indoor restaurant at Arbor

Social wellness is just as important as physical wellness, and we make it easy to connect with new friends over shared experiences.

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Our engagement teams are dedicated to planning events, programs, and excursions that give the chance to try an activity for the first time, learn something new, or pursue a well-loved hobby.

Transitioning into Assisted Living

Transitioning into Assisted Living

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Is assisted living right for you or your loved one? Consider it if living at home is starting to feel too much like a burden and less like a joy. Assisted living services and support are designed to put the joy and connection back into life, giving residents the chance to feel energetic, empowered, and ready to live their best lives. Don’t wait until a complex medical condition or emergency room visit makes senior living inevitable. Instead, have the conversation now and find an Arbor assisted living community so you or your loved one can begin enjoying the benefits and avoid stressful decision-making.

Paying for Assisted Living

Paying for Assisted Living

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Most assisted living residents and their loved ones are pleasantly surprised to realize that luxury assisted living is well within their carefully planned budget. Thanks to one monthly fee that covers nearly everything, from rent to utilities to care, you too can enjoy predictable expenses that are comparable to living at home.

Assisted Living Community Design, Services and Amenities

Assisted Living Community Design, Services and Amenities

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It’s the amenities and services that make assisted living the best choice for many older adults. At The Arbor Company, we strive to create the resources our residents need to feel their best and stay connected to others.

Senior woman sitting on her Arbor home's couch

Assisted living homes are modern, comfortable, and spacious. There are multiple floor plans available to suit your style and budget.

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Connect with nature by exploring any of your community’s outdoor areas. From serene walking paths to busy patios, there is always a place to breathe the fresh air, entertain visitors, or catch up with friends.

Car service chauffeur opening car door

Transportation services are a beloved feature of assisted living. Our skilled and professional drivers are there to get residents to errands, appointments, or other planned excursions in style.

Senior woman making plans to attend a concert with the help of an Arbor concierge

A helpful concierge team is there to assist with the details that matter most, whether that means reserving the private dining room for an upcoming family celebration or making arrangements to secure a spot at the upcoming on-site concert.

Housekeeper smiling in recently cleaned Arbor bedroom

Assisted living residents enjoy housekeeping visits from our skilled team members. Let us take care of tidying up while you grab coffee with a friend in the bistro or meet up with your walking club.

Arbor chef serving meal at indoor restaurant

Our team members aren’t just there to provide helpful services. They are there to get to know you and create joyful moments just for you. Our commitment to deep connections with residents is the foundation of what makes The Arbor Company different.

Caregiver providing medical assistance to senior at Arbor

Our team of experienced caregivers is there to provide personalized assistance and support with personal care tasks and medication management, and we are always available in case of emergencies.

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