What Is Bridges?

What Is Bridges?

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Bridges Senior Living Campus

Designed especially for seniors living in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, our innovative Bridges program offers the right amount of support and stimulation to combat challenges that come with cognitive decline. Residents enjoy close relationships with their peers who have similar needs, as well as targeted cognitive exercise and ability-appropriate events to build self-esteem.

Life in our Bridges neighborhoods

Life in our Bridges neighborhoods

Senior with adult daughter

Adults living in the early stages of dementia are living in the “in-between.” They don’t yet need the full support of traditional memory care. At the same time, traditional assisted living might feel too overwhelming, and they may feel more anxious about keeping up with conversation or masking their forgetfulness. Bridges at Arbor means making the most of living in the “in-between,” surrounded by neighbors who truly understand and never mind periods of forgetfulness. Bridges means less anxiety, more support, fewer worries, and more connections.

 Look into Bridges Living

Take a Look into Bridges

Bridges Senior Living Community
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Bridges Community Common Area
Wellness and Health at Bridges at Arbor

Wellness and Health

Bridges Program Exercise

Our Bridges neighborhoods offer support for all aspects of holistic health. We believe that a life full of opportunities can enhance overall wellness.

Dining with Dignity Group

Our award-winning Dining with Dignity® program ensures everyone gets the food they love and that makes them feel their best. Meal adaptations are important in all stages of cognitive decline, especially the early ones.

Arbor Senior Living Activity

Neighbors gather for regular cognitive exercise programs that are designed to empower participants and keep their brains sharp.

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Social wellness is just as important as physical wellness, and we make it easy to connect with new friends over shared experiences.

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Our team works to create daily events and programs that give residents an outlet for fun, support, and new learning, all at their own pace.

transition to senior living

Transitioning into Bridges

Couple transitioning in to Bridges senior living at Arbor

Thanks to physicians diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia earlier than in decades past, adults are getting the chance to advocate for themselves and their wishes. Our Bridges program was created because we determined that assisted living residents with a diagnosis of dementia were not flourishing in assisted living communities. We noticed these residents were spending more time in their apartments and less time out and about in the community. Bridges is meant to be empowering and supportive, giving residents the chance to talk openly about their journey with neighbors who truly understand.

How to pay for early dementia senior living

Paying for Bridges

Senior living early dementia care dining

Most Bridges residents and their loved ones are pleasantly surprised to realize that this innovative program is well within their carefully planned budget. Thanks to one monthly fee that covers nearly everything from rent to utilities to care, you can enjoy predictable expenses that are comparable to living at home.

Bridges senior living amenities

Bridges Community Design, Services, and Amenities

Senior living community amenities salon

It’s the amenities and services that make Bridges one of a kind. At The Arbor Company, we strive to create the resources our residents need to feel their best and stay connected to others.

Senior Living Apartment

Our Bridges neighborhood apartments are modern, comfortable, and spacious without being overwhelming to maintain. There are multiple floor plans available to suit your style and budget.

Arbor Senior Living Outdoor Space

Getting into nature can bring feelings of comfort, peace, and calm. Bridges communities feature outdoor areas such as serene walking paths, gardens, and courtyards.

Senior Living Caregiver at Arbor

Our team of caregivers has been specially trained in early-stage dementia care, including best practices for person-centered interventions. They are there to offer a helping hand or an encouraging word anytime you need it.

Arbor dining room chef

Our dining team carefully creates each menu choice to be seasonal, healthy, and delicious. We focus on a menu that features the right balance between comfort food and brain-boosting fuel.

Bridges Senior Living Housekeeping

Bridges residents enjoy regular housekeeping visits from our skilled team members. Let us take care of tidying up while you grab coffee with a neighbor or journal on the patio.

yoga at Bridges senior living

Our team members aren’t just there to provide helpful services. They are there to get to know you and create joyful moments just for you. Our commitment to deep connections with residents is the foundation of what makes The Arbor Company different.

Senior living social activities

The Bridges model is equal parts assistance, cognitive exercise, socialization, and community support. We encourage positive connections between neighbors and with our team.

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